Another spring, another overly ambitious project

I am the proud new owner of a 1968 Astrall Ranger. Lucinda Noonan Events has just entered the wonderful world of caravan renovation; except this caravan is destined for much greater things…

caravan renovation, pop up bar

Caravan Renovation


The Hoxton Pony

I have been decorating various seasonal events at The Hoxton Pony, Shoreditch for the last couple of years. It’s an amazing job, they always have fantastic themes and aren’t shy to creativity. In past events we have transformed the club into a Circus Tent and a Hollywood Graveyard and this year for Christmas the venue was to be turned into a Ski Lodge.

We went all out this Christmas with wood effect fablon and vac form stone work, giant hanging wreaths and stag heads on the walls. Here are some photos of the club turned ski lodge.

40 years in Photographs

When a client approached me with his idea of a photo exhibition for his wife’s 40th birthday party I was initially on edge. This says a lot, I tend to embrace any event idea. However, being  female, I understood how sensitive this theme could be. With focus on her beautiful family and such a wonderful vision from her husband I was able to create the perfect event for this surprise birthday party.

Set in a beautifully quaint gallery in Waterloo, we stuck to a simple black frame and aluminium mount set of photographs of between 30cm and 80cm. A couple of pop-art prints which I produced from some old photos, along with 12 photos that acted as a timeline along the mezzanine section of the gallery, gave the exhibition and party an interactive and fun element.

With a tight space, it was predominantly European canapé food with selected items on the buffet table, including a French inspired cheeseboard decorated with figs and berries.

Decoration was kept simple using lighting and black vases filled with exquisite white orchids.


Time Out For The Torch

So I decorated and organised some lovely events in spring this year, then I got offerred a job on the Torch Relay. 3 months later I’m sitting down in front of the TV getting ready to watch the Closing Ceremonies as if it was all a dream. It wasn’t a dream, it did happen and now back to reality. 8000 miles around our beautiful Kingdom, meeting 8000 truly inspirational people. The London 2012 Olympics has inspired a generation. It is certainly the most groundbreaking event I have ever worked on. Here are some photos to help me reflect on my Olympic Torch Journey…


High Quality Affordable Videos

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Just like this fairytale book…

When Janine came into my showroom two years ago and opened up a fairytale book and pointed telling me she wanted the marquee at Bamburgh Castle to look “just like that”, most people would of  probably responded with a sort of realistic yet slightly facetious  comment.

I responded exactly how I did when Mum and Dad told me we were going to Disney Land.

How? Here are some documentary style photographs of how we created an unforgettable woodlands wedding scene…

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The Ribbon Factory presents

Over the last few weeks I have been collaborating with musicians and artists to organise music nights that will fully entertain and interact with it’s audience. Using theming and presenting styles to really capture the audience’s attention, all based upon brilliant music acts. I currently live in a warehouse that use to be a ribbon factory, hence we decided it would be appropriate to call ourselves The Ribbon Factory. This has led me to look at ways of incorporating ribbons into room design and the effects I have seen so far are fantastic. I’ve used plain ivory ribbon hung from rigging in between large white paper lanterns for a wedding before and it had a beautiful effect, but with a bit of colour this effect can really bring the ribbon decorations to life.

Here’s a some brilliant ways to use ribbons in dressing your next event…








Ribbon bunting and chair decorations by Green Wedding Shoes.











Ribbon Backdrop below by Harvey Designs Harvey Designs.

Everything has a revival value… even balloons

Full of excitement, I bounded into my first job when I was 15 as a balloon shop assistant as if I was walking into Willy Wonker’s chocolate factory. The colours, the shapes, the big hearts made from lots of tiny balloons in bright pink. I wanted everything for my very own wedding and my 18th birthday could not come soon enough. Yet, a few hundred balloon events later, they somehow began to lose their shine. A few years later I decided I’d had enough of balloon displays and in fact I probably wouldn’t have any sort of balloons at my wedding or birthday for the rest of my life.

It’s from this early balloon experience I developed a strange love-hate relationship with balloons. I get so excited about new ideas, ways of dressing a room that will excite the guests so much they’ll want to touch everything in sight, and with one too many heart balloon deliveries, balloons were just not cutting it for me anymore.

Maybe the key is simplicity. Everything has a revival value and I think over the next few years balloons are going to have theirs. More importantly, I’m excited! Yes, excited to show the event industry how balloons can and should be used.

Here are a couple of examples I have found of perfect balloon use at an event. I will also be using balloons in a future ‘Cirque de Musique’ party in November.

Set in Amsterdam’s Machinegebouw, Marcel Schmalgemeijer created a magical, balloon-filled dinner party perfect for celebrating in.These peach balloons give the bride a child-like charm and add beautiful whimsy to a natural set photo opportunity.

wedding balloons These peach balloons by Hey Gorgeous Events give the bride a child-like charm and add beautiful whimsy to a natural set photo opportunity.

Hello Event World

From classical elegance to wonderful wackiness, Lucinda Noonan Event Design is well know for bringing the most fanciful fantasies to life. Well regarded in the industry for their ability to create a memorable, interactive guest experience, Lucinda Noonan Event  Design will embrace even the most ambitious of ideas! Whatever your concept, you can be confident that, with an event designed by Lucinda Noonan Event Design, the results will be truly magical.

As well as specific event design, Lucinda Noonan Event Design can offer a full event coordination package, giving you the benefit of their wealth of experience and access to some of the industry’s best-kept secret venues and suppliers. Let us take all the stress out of your event…